Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics of the Polish brand Calluna Medica are created out of love for health and natural beauty. Knowing the needs of modern women, we offer them natural care based on natural, exclusive ingredients of the highest quality. Raw materials known in their countries of origin for amazing properties have been combined in such a way that you can feel (and see) their optimal performance. We suggest to our clients face care based on two basic cosmetics: natural face cream and bio cellulose sheet face masks. Properly selected for the type of your skin, they will be an excellent set of products to nourish, regenerate and improve your skin’s condition. Choose two masks and cream and enjoy the effects!



Do you know that yogurt contained
in cosmetics effectively moisturizes
and firms the skin, and blueberry protects it from solar radiation? Check how other uniquenatural ingredients in our cosmetics work.


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Deeply moisturizing mask NORWAY

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Deeply moisturizing mask NORWAY is recommended for sensitive, dehydrated and rough skin. It improves its firmness, elasticity and hydration. It significantly reduces wrinkles and discoloration. The result is a complexion with a younger and healthier appearance. The mask acts soothingly and revitalizing; it also reverses the effects of the disturbed skin balance. It prevents dehydration, firms and tones the complexion, leaving it visibly smoother, moisturized and radiant.


Nourishing and moisturizing mask POLAND

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Nourishing and moisturizing mask made of bio cellulose POLAND is perfect for daily care of dry, sensitive skin that requires renewal and firming. The mask effectively restores the skin’s natural balance, flexibility and softness. It acts on the outer and inner layers of the epidermis. Contained ingredients effectively soothe irritations, accelerate the process of skin reconstruction, strongly moisturize and reduce skin roughness. Nourishing and moisturizing mask due to contain of has anti-wrinkle and stimulates production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Sebum regulating mask GERMANY

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Sebum regulating mask GERMANY is intended for oily and combination skin. It works on the skin conditioning, stimulates collagen synthesis, and also complements the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Mask accelerates skin regeneration and has a firming and revitalizing effect. Significantly regulates the secretion of sebum, and through the action of antibacterial and antiseptic reduces the tendency to breakouts. As a result, the skin becomes naturally matte and radiant.


Lifting mask SWITZERLAND

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Lifting mask Switzerland, which gives a visible firming and lifting effect after the first application on the skin, reduces wrinkles – even deep ones. Skin looks younger and relaxed. Lifting mask optimally moisturizes and nourishes the complexion, which restores a youthful and fresh look. It contributes to the optimization of skin hydration and elasticity, stimulates cell regeneration, making the skin look younger, more resilient; it alsoregains your skin’s natural glow.


Anti-spot mask ITALY

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Anti-spot mask ITALY

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Anti-spot mask ITALY gently whitens the skin affected by pigmentation changes, and smoothes its uneven color and prevents staining. It cares for proper nutrition of tissues, removal of toxins and stimulates cell renewal processes. Favors fast removal of freckles and stains. Effectively relieves discoloration: hormonal, senile, post-acne and acne related. In addition, it supports skin regeneration, has antiseptic and moisturizing properties.


Whitening mask FRANCE


Whitening mask FRANCE is perfect for skin prone to discoloration. It has properties that lighten the color of pigmentation spots. It reduces excessive activity of melanin, which results in visible reduction of discoloration occurring due to age, pregnancy, acne, hormonal changes and resulting from intense tanning. The effect of applying the mask is a bright, nourished and radiant complexion with regular coloring.

Anti-acne mask SPAIN


Anti-acne mask SPAIN is recommended for oily and problematic skin. It has antibacterial, toning and anti-inflammatory properties. It regulates the secretion of sebum and acts anti-acne and astringent on enlarged pores. The anti-acne mask supports skin regeneration process, cleanses microbes, soothes irritations. It strengthens the blood vessels supporting tissue regeneration. The effect of the application is apparently a fresh and healthy skin.


Anti-aging mask RUSSIA


The anti-aging mask Russia helps restore the skin’s youthful elasticity, strength and natural beauty and protects it against harmful external factors. The mask effectively reduces wrinkles and nourishes the complexion; improves its firmness and hydration and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis. It prevents loss of water through the epidermis, which ensures its smoothness, softness and correct color. Through its lifting properties the mask improves the face oval.


Calluna Medica is not only an unique natural cosmetics brand; first of all we want to pay tribute to natural beauty – we believe that it deserves special care. That’s why our cosmetics include exclusive, effective natural ingredients from around the world. The mission of Calluna Medica is not only to restore beauty and health of the skin – due to normalization, restoration or elimination of signs of fatigue and even aging of the skin; our natural cosmetics also provide support for the natural regenerative and protective processes occurring in it.