Face Creams

Calluna Medica creams are an advanced response for the needs of different skin types. They combine the effects of selective natural ingredients from the most stunning parts of Europe with Polish cosmetology.

Advanced, Polish face creams from Calluna Medica combine the effects of selective ingredients from the most stunning parts of Europe with Polish cosmetology. These are polish cosmetics for face care, that fit the needs of any skin type. Face creams precisely fulfil the needs of different skin types. Calluna Medica creams can be used during the day and at night. Depending on the skins’ needs.

How to choose the best face cream?

A good face cream is one that precisely fits the needs of any specific skin type. Face creams for signs of aging should decrease visibility of wrinkles and prevent new ones.

Facelift-rejuvenating face cream from Calluna Medica not only has a regenerative effect on the skin, revitalizing it, but also mobilizes mature skin to produce collagen and elastin. Sebum control face cream takes care of oily and problematic skin, but also ensures it is sufficiently moisturized. At the same time it prevents inflammation with acne-prone skin. Lightening and colour equalizing face cream is a cream for skin with discolorations. It lightens and equalizes the skins tone, whilst also taking care of moisturizing and regeneration. Moisturizing-renewal face cream is the best choice for dry skin, even the sensitive one. It is a regenerative cream for skin that needs better elasticity.

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  • Discoloration face cream...
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    Discoloration face cream...

    zł85.00 / zł137.99

    Advanced face cream for everyday care of skin with discolorations, the appear when exposed to sun, during hormonal changes, while using contraceptives, during pregnancies, after dermatological and aesthetic medicine treatments and after inflammations.

  • Krem do cery tłustej i...
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    Krem do cery tłustej i...

    zł60.00 / zł137.99

    Zaawansowany krem do twarzy przeznaczony do codziennej pielęgnacji skóry tłustej i mieszanej, ze skłonnością do błyszczenia oraz powstawania niedoskonałości. Normalizuje pracę gruczołów łojowych odpowiedzialnych za wydzielanie sebum, wykazuje działanie wspomagające walkę z trądzikiem. Krem do cery tłustej i dojrzałej długotrwale nawilża, jednocześnie doskonale matując skórę.

  • Mature skin face cream...
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    Mature skin face cream...

    zł87.00 / zł137.99

    Advanced face cream, created for everyday care of mature skin. Rejuvenating and firming, creates a facelift effect. Provides optimal moisturizing, whilst also decreasing visibility of wrinkles and preventing new ones. This mature skin cream provides deep and accurate nourishment, regenerates the skin, bringing back its vitality and glamor.

  • Moisturizing face cream...
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    Moisturizing face cream...

    zł82.00 / zł137.99

    Advanced moisturizing face cream, created for everyday care of skin prone to over-drying. Has an intense moisturizing effect. Protects from dehydration and external factors. Cream for dry skin, improves elasticity and firmness, stimulates regenerative processes.